Your Guide to a Clean Garage

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Guide to a clean garage

Proper cleaning of your garage is one of those regular tasks that you need to do right. It also extends to your garage door. After all, your garage door is used even more often than the rest of the garage itself. So it only makes sense to make sure that it’s all cleaned properly and regularly.

Cleaning your garage is essential, even if only done from time to time. It’s part of ensuring that your garage and garage door are well maintained. So even though they are made well-made and durable, it could still add to their longevity. And for you, it would mean a more comfortable use of both your garage and garage door.

Look at the following and treat it as your guide to a clean garage. These are simple steps that you can follow to guarantee the cleanest version of your garage ever.

Step #1 – The very first step that you need to take is to wipe down all of the flat surfaces using a multipurpose spray. You need to do the same to the shelves in your garage. There might be an urge to start cleaning the floor first. But if you can resist that urge and do it later, then you’ve made the correct first step in ensuring a clean garage and garage door.

Step #2 – The next step is to clean the Slatwall panels of your garage. To do this, you’ll need to use a rag. For garage walls that are made from rough materials such as bricks or drywall, you have to use a broom to downward sweep the walls. This will help remove some of the dirt and dust that has accumulated in it over time. And if you happen to see any cobwebs, you can use the broom for removing them as well.

Step #3 – This next step is all about the floor of your garage. Again, you’ll have to use a broom to sweep all of the accumulated dust and dirt on the floor. Just make sure that you’re not going to miss any spots or difficult-to-reach areas and corners. Some garage floors need more significant cleaning. For those floors, you’ll need to use a garden hose and pair it with a gentle cleanser. Any remaining water could be removed with the use of a squeegee.

Step #4 – Up next is your garage door. When it comes to cleaning your garage door, you need to remember one thing and that’s to clean it according to its material. There are materials that only require the door to be rinsed off with a hose and wiped down with a sponge and a mixture of dish detergent and water. This is the recommended cleaning method for garage doors that are made of vinyl, fiberglass, or steel.

Step #5 – You also need to include your door frames in the cleaning process. It might be hiding some caked-on dirt and if they are then you need to remove those too. All it would take is a simple scrubbing and you can simply hose it off afterward. But if the door frame requires something more complicated, such as stripping, staining, or painting, then you might need to call on professionals for help.

Following the above steps and setting them as your guide to a clean garage is sure to yield positive results. At the very least, you’re assured of a well-maintained garage that will be a delight to use for years to come. Visit cedar hill garage door repair

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